We are delighted that you are considering University Christian Church for your special day!

University Christian Church is an open-hearted and curious-minded congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We offer a prime location, excellent facilities, experienced staff and a tradition that welcomes all.

A wedding ceremony is a sacred event where two people pledge their faith and love to one another in the presence of God. Our wedding guidelines are based on this premise.

We invite you to learn more about weddings at UCC and we look forward to working with you to make your wedding ceremony a joyous and moving worship experience. Please complete the Wedding Interest Form to be contacted by Pam Reeser, our Events Coordinator.

  • Facilities

    We offer three different wedding settings: 

    • Our stunning Sanctuary (up to 1200 guests including balconies) offers beautiful stained glass windows, a magnificent pipe organ and a center aisle that enhance the joy and splendor of your special day. 
    • The Chapel of the Good Shepherd (up to 100 guests) provides a more intimate space which includes beautiful stained glass windows and a bright and airy setting. 
    • Our Courtyard (up to 75 guests) is a lovely outdoor setting enhanced by nature, stunning architecture, the gentle sound of water and a welcoming landscape. 
    • Dressing Rooms are provided for the wedding parties to dress at the church. All property of the wedding party is the responsibility of the couple. Any rooms used may be locked, but the church is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
    • The ceremony location is reserved for four hours (including the ceremony) on the wedding day.  
  • Reservations & Scheduling
    • Date – Weddings usually place on Saturdays with rehearsal on Friday evenings, but other days may be considered. Weddings are typically not held on Sundays, holidays or TCU home football game days. 
    • Deposits – A requested date can be held for two weeks without a deposit. To confirm a date, couples must complete and submit the Wedding Agreement Form with a $500 deposit. Your deposit is refundable up to 90 days before the wedding and/or before any meetings are held with the Minister, Organist, or Wedding Coordinator. 
    • Member Scheduling – For the purposes of our wedding policies, a “member” is a person who has been a participating member of University Christian Church for at least one year at the time of scheduling.  A “member” can be the bride or groom; parents or grandparents of the bride or groom; or children of the bride or groom. December weddings are available only to members.  
    • Non-Member Scheduling – “Non-members” are those who either do not attend University Christian Church or who have been participating members for less than one year at the time of scheduling. December weddings are available only to members. 
    • Fees A detailed schedule of fees is available from the church Wedding Coordinator. 
  • Ceremony Details
    • Church Wedding Coordinator — The Church Wedding Coordinator is your contact at University Christian Church. She can provide guidance in all aspects of your wedding and will direct any professionals and vendors hired by the couple. Complete the Wedding Interest Form to be contacted by the Church Wedding Coordinator. 
    • Officiating Minister — Our ministry team is honored to provide the pastoral presence for all weddings held at University Christian Church.  UCC members may request one of our ministers to officiate. For non-members, a UCC minister will be selected to conduct your ceremony. The minister will help you plan a worship order that is in keeping with our practices, yet reflects the unique personality of the couple. Guest ministers assisting with the ceremony must be approved by the officiating minister. The assisting minister’s participation is limited to: prayer, scripture reading, and benediction.  
    • Rehearsal – Wedding rehearsals are typically held on Friday evenings and are limited to one hour. If your participants arrive late, a full rehearsal may not always be possible.  Please inform your wedding party of the importance of being on time. The Church Wedding Coordinator, or her designee, will direct the rehearsal, which includes reviewing church guidelines and procedures. 
    • Music – The Christian wedding is a service of worship. Music selections will be appropriate to traditional worship at University Christian Church, employing sacred and classical music (no popular/secular music) on pipe organ and/or piano. In addition to the pipe organ and piano, other acoustic instruments may be part of the wedding. No pre-recorded music may be used in weddings at UCC . A meeting with the church organist is required to select and approve the music for the service. UCC employs several staff musicians if an additional instrumentalist or vocalist is desired. Guest musicians must be approved by the church organist and should prepare to rehearse with the organist in advance of the wedding.  
  • Photography and Videography
    • No camera of any kind and no photographer or videographer is allowed in the Chancel or on the floor of the Sanctuary/Chapel during any part of the service. The service begins with the seating of the guests and a musical prelude thirty minutes prior to the wedding ceremony and ends with the exit of families. 
    • Pictures of the procession and recession of the wedding party may be taken from the Narthex as directed by the Church Wedding Coordinator.  
    • Pictures and video recordings requiring flash or special lighting may not be taken during the service. Non-flash photographs may be taken from the back balcony only. Stationary video cameras (without flash or artificial light) are allowed in the side balconies as directed by the Church Wedding Coordinator and must be in place before the service begins. 
    • Pictures of the wedding party may be taken before and after the wedding ceremony using flash or special lighting. 
  • Flowers and Decorations
    The Church Wedding Coordinator will provide direction and guidelines and flowers and decorations. 
  • Church Policies
    • Members of a wedding party at University Christian Church may not use alcohol or illegal substances on the church premises. This includes the dressing rooms and any area outside, including private or chartered vehicles and the parking lots. Neither the wedding rehearsal nor the wedding will be performed if any member of the wedding party appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.  
    • Smoking is not permitted in the church. 
    • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the dressing rooms only. 
    • Following the ceremony, only flower petals (real or silk) may be tossed or thrown 
    • If a couple desires that a military ceremony be included in the wedding celebration, it shall follow the service and take place outside the doors of the church building. No military sabers or weapons are allowed inside the church.