Congratulations on your engagement! We are delighted that you are considering University Christian Church for your special day!

University Christian Church has long been a desired Fort Worth wedding venue. We welcome all couples who are looking for a beautiful wedding location and a meaningful, sacred ceremony in which to pledge their love to one another in God’s presence.

We offer a prime location, excellent facilities, experienced staff, and a tradition that welcomes all. Located on University Drive in Fort Worth, we are conveniently located next to Texas Christian University. The church is easily accessible from area freeways, only a short drive from our historic downtown, and we are near other noted Fort Worth sites including parks, museums, gardens, restaurants, hotels, and the Fort Worth Zoo.

To learn more about weddings at UCC contact Pam Reeser, our Wedding and Events coordinator, by email ([email protected]) or call 817-926-6631.

Beyond the extraordinary surroundings offered at University Christian Church, we provide an amazing and professional staff—helping to make your wedding day ceremony and celebration a joyous and moving worship experience for all.

We invite you to learn more about weddings at UCC and we look forward to working with you! If you have any questions please contact Pam Reeser, Wedding and Events Coordinator. Email her at [email protected] or call 817-926-6631.

Basic Information


  • Facility Information
    We offer three different wedding settings: the Sanctuary, the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and the outdoor Memorial Garden/Courtyard.
  • Sanctuary
    Our stunning Sanctuary offers a long center aisle, a magnificent organ and beautifully stained glass windows that enhance the joy and splendor of your special day. Weddings, small and large alike, will have a setting and backdrop that will provide for an unforgettable experience. The average estimated guest attendance is about 200, however, the Sanctuary seats up to 1200 guests with all balconies in use.
  • Chapel of the Good Shepherd
    Our Chapel of the Good Shepherd is well suited for those looking for a more intimate wedding ceremony space. Gorgeous stained glass windows and a bright and airy space that provides a special setting for you, your special day and your guests. Seats up to 90-100 guests.
  • Courtyard
    The Courtyard is an ideal outdoor setting that is enhanced by the natural surround of trees, stunning architecture, the gentle sound of water, and a welcoming landscape. Seats up to75 guests.
  • Parking
    Ample parking is available in several lots on the church campus. View the parking map.
  • Dressing Rooms
    Rooms are provided for the wedding parties to dress at the church. It is the responsibility of the couple to arrange for the care of the property of the wedding party before, during and after the wedding, and for the removal of such items immediately following the wedding ceremony. Any rooms used may be locked, but the church is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.
  • Receptions
    Hall spaces are available for wedding receptions. Contact Pam Reeser to learn more.
  • Schedule a Tour
    Contact Wedding Coordinator, Pam Reeser to arrange a tour. Contact our Wedding Coordinator.
  • Setting the Date, Deposit, Fees

    Couples planning a wedding are encouraged to reserve the date for their wedding as early as possible, so that the use of the church facilities can be arranged without conflict. Usually, weddings take place on Saturdays, with rehearsal on Friday evenings, but weddings can take place on other days with the approval of the Church Wedding Coordinator. The Wedding Coordinator will clear the date with the church calendar and one of our staff ministers. Weddings are not held on Sundays, holidays or TCU home football game days.

    A tentative reservation of a requested date is made at your first inquiry, and the tentative reservation is held for two weeks. In order to secure confirmation of your date and secure the needed facilities, you must return/submit the Wedding Request Form with your deposit within two weeks of receiving it. The deposit is refundable up to 90 days before the wedding and/or before any meetings are held with the minister, organist or wedding coordinator.

    A detailed schedule of fees is available from the Church Wedding Coordinator. A $500 deposit is required at the time the church is reserved for your wedding. Payment may be made by check or credit card. Checks are to be made payable to University Christian Church, and sent to the attention of the Church Wedding Coordinator. Credit card payment may be made in person, by phone or below:

  • Guidelines

    We want to ensure that your wedding is a beautiful, respectful, and sacred service of worship and we have developed the guidelines, found on this page, to support this. These guidelines apply whether or not the participants are members of the congregation. The guidelines also apply regardless of the size of the wedding and number of attendees. All weddings held in the Sanctuary, the Chapel of the Good Shepherd or Memorial Garden/Courtyard will follow the stated guidelines.

    It is important for those considering University Christian Church facilities for their wedding to carefully read the guidelines provided. All persons who choose to schedule a wedding at University Christian Church must read these guidelines and agree to them.

    Other Church Guidelines

    Members of the wedding party will recognize the fact that the church is a sacred space, and will conduct themselves at all times in a manner acceptable to a place of worship. We openly welcome all members of the wedding party to UCC and will be happy to answer any questions they might have.

    • Members of a wedding party at University Christian Church, present for the purpose of participating in a wedding rehearsal or ceremony, may not use alcohol or illegal substances on the church premises. This includes the dressing rooms, any area outside, and the parking lots. The wedding rehearsal or wedding will not be performed if any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.
    • Smoking is not permitted in the church.
    • No food or drink is allowed in the Sanctuary or Chapel.
    • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the dressing rooms.
    • Anything deemed to be a hazard to the wedding party, their guests, the environment or requiring extensive clean-up may not be used in the church or outside the church. Nothing other than flower petals (real or silk) may be tossed or thrown including, but not limited to rice, birdseed. The release of balloons is not permitted.

Ceremony Information


  • Church Wedding Coordinator

    University Christian Church is delighted to provide the services of a professional wedding coordinator to assist with wedding plans and arrangements within the church. The church Wedding Coordinator is your contact at University Christian Church and can provide guidance in all aspects of your wedding. The church coordinator will assist in making or approving decisions regarding all aspects of your wedding ceremony at UCC. It is necessary to meet with the church Wedding Coordinator approximately three months before the wedding for guidance through the logistics of the wedding, the flow of events on the wedding day and to familiarize you with the church facilities.

    The Wedding Coordinator or her designee (a trained member of the church wedding staff) will be present at your rehearsal and wedding ceremony. You will be provided with the name of the member of the wedding staff who will be present for your wedding events. You will be given the opportunity to meet with them in advance if you desire.

    Contact Pam Reeser, Wedding and Events Coordinator. Email her at [email protected] or call 817-926-6631.

  • Pastoral Presence For Your Wedding

    Our ministry team is honored to provide the pastoral presence for your special day. University Christian Church does require that one of our pastors officiate at all weddings held here. UCC members may request one of our pastors to officiate and efforts will be made to honor this request. For non-members, we are happy to select a UCC pastor to walk with you through this process. Our Wedding Coordinator will notify you as to which of our ministers will conduct your ceremony.

    Weddings at UCC are traditional, sacred ceremonies incorporating the beliefs and traditions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The UCC pastor who officiates for your wedding will be happy to help you plan a worship order that is in keeping with our practices yet reflects the unique personality of the couple. The journey to your wedding day at UCC begins three months prior to the wedding when the couple meets with the pastor for counseling and wedding planning. This pre-wedding conference is required before arrangements for the ceremony are finalized. If you wish to include a guest pastor in a support role during the ceremony, those arrangements can be made at this meeting. Sample order of service.

  • Music

    The Christian wedding is a service of worship. The music selected will be appropriate to traditions of worship at University Christian Church.

    The Pipe Organ
    Only University Christian Church staff organists or their designee will play for weddings. This provides a musician familiar with our church and our instruments. Since music is such an important part of any wedding, the organist will meet with the couple to plan the music for their ceremony.

    Type of Music
    All music is subject to approval by the staff organists, in cooperation with the couple. Weddings at UCC employ sacred and classical music, including pipe organ and piano. We consider music songs and pieces for a sacred wedding ceremony to each be an act of worship. The organist will guide the couple as to the appropriate style of their selections.

    Vocal Soloists
    University Christian Church employs several staff soloists who may be contacted by the organist at the request of the couple. If a couple desires to bring in their own vocalist they should make sure they are experienced singers. The UCC organist will rehearse with the vocalist as needed and assist in the selection of songs.

    Type of Vocal Music
    Vocal music performed during the wedding service should enhance the worship experience. Popular songs and traditional “love songs” are not appropriate for weddings at University Christian Church. The reception is the appropriate place for popular songs, love songs and contemporary Christian music to be used.

    Instrumental Music
    In addition to the pipe organ and piano, other acoustic instruments may be part of the wedding. No pre-recorded music may be used in the Sanctuary, the Chapel or the Memorial Garden/Courtyard.

    Musical Decisions
    It is important to schedule a conference with a staff organist at least three months ahead of your wedding date. Specific questions regarding music will be answered at that time.

  • Wedding Rehearsal

    Wedding rehearsals are typically held on Friday evenings and are limited to one hour. It is important that the time indicated for the rehearsal be observed since frequently more than one rehearsal takes place on a Friday evening. If your participants arrive late, a full rehearsal may not always be possible. Please inform your wedding party of the importance of being on time.

    The Church Wedding Coordinator, or her designee, will welcome you and your wedding party members to UCC, will direct the rehearsal, which includes coaching the wedding party with their individual roles in the service, and will review church guidelines and procedures. All participants will be instructed and guided on their positions and movement during the ceremony, and will be provided with any other information needed to assure they are knowledgeable and comfortable with their roles.

  • Wedding Day

    The ceremony location, whether it is the Sanctuary, the Chapel or the Memorial Garden/Courtyard, is reserved for four hours (including the ceremony) on the wedding day. The Church Wedding Coordinator, or her designee, will be present to assist the wedding party as needed in preparation for the ceremony. The church coordinator, or designee, will direct professionals and vendors hired by the couple, will advise them on pertinent details of the wedding, will direct the proceedings and will handle any problems that arise.

  • Military Ceremonies

    If a couple desires that a military ceremony be included in the wedding celebration, it shall follow the wedding ceremony proper and take place outside the doors of the church building. No military sabers or weapons are allowed inside the church.

Other Wedding Detail Planning Information


  • Marriage License

    You must secure your marriage license in Texas. It may be purchased at any county clerk’s offices in Texas at least 72 hours before the wedding. You will want to check on the hours they are open and the cost of a marriage license and methods of payment.

    Couples may get their marriage license 90 days before the wedding, but not less than three days before. The wedding may not take place if less than three days have elapsed or more than 90 days have passed after the issuance of the license.

    Please bring the license to the rehearsal. It is necessary for the minister to have your license before the wedding can be performed.

  • Flowers and Decorations

    The settings for weddings available at University Christian Church are beautiful with or without added decorations and will undoubtedly provide vivid and memorable surroundings for your ceremony. If you wish to add your personal touch, additional flowers and decorations may be added in accordance with the guidelines below.

    You may choose your own florist; however, your florist must agree to follow all guidelines contained within this section. It is the responsibility of the couple to provide the florist with a copy of the guidelines pertaining to flowers and decorations. The Church Wedding Coordinator welcomes any questions from couples and their florists as they plan the flowers and decorations for their wedding. The Wedding Coordinator must approve placement of all decorations at least one month prior to the wedding date. All questions should be referred to the Wedding Coordinator.

    The guidelines below are in place to protect people, the environment, and church property; to uphold the sacred aspects of your wedding ceremony as a worship service; and to help ensure that your wedding day is a beautiful and joyous day! Many options for beautiful flowers and decorations are available that will add your personal touch to the already stunning settings.

    • Flower arrangements may not be placed on the communion table other than a small arrangement containing the unity candle.
    • Flowers or decorations should not obstruct the view of the Sanctuary cross or the Chapel cross.
    • No runners may be placed on the floor of the Sanctuary or Chapel. Other than flower petals, (real or silk) which may be dropped by flower girls, no other items may be dropped onto the floor. The floor will remain free and clear of obstacles at all times.
    • All candles must be enclosed in glass, such as votive or hurricane glass, with no exposed flame. The unity candle is an exception.
    • Only battery powered candles are allowed in the Baptistery window below the Sanctuary cross.
    • The florist must protect all surfaces from wax. If wax drips or is spilled, the florist is responsible for removing all wax immediately following the post-wedding pictures.
    • Hazardous placement of candles is not permitted and the plan for placement of candles must be approved by the Wedding Coordinator.
    • The use of a unity candle as part of the wedding ceremony is permitted. The unity candle and family candles will be provided by UCC.
    • Pew markers or bows are permitted and must be attached with a floral clip over the top of the pew or tied on the pew with ribbon. No tape, glue or other adhesives are permitted. No nails, pins or tacks are permitted.
    • Wreaths or other decorations may be placed on doors with existing fasteners only.
    • No permanent structure of any type may be placed in the Sanctuary or Chapel at any time.
    • Flowers for Sanctuary weddings should be delivered through the Cantey Street doors(handicapped entrance). Flowers for Chapel and Courtyard weddings should be delivered through the main reception entrance.
    • All items brought in by the florist or decorator must be removed immediately following the post-wedding pictures. If flower petals are dropped, they must be removed immediately following the ceremony by your florist or designee. If desired, the petals can be removed by church facilities staff for a cleanup fee. The church is not responsible for remaining items and has no storage area.
    • The florist is accountable for any damage caused to the church.
  • Photography and Videography

    A wedding ceremony at UCC is a sacred worship service where two people pledge themselves to one another in the presence of God. Our guidelines regarding photography and videography, whether professional or amateur, emerge from this conviction. The couple may choose their own photographer and videographer; however they are required to read these guidelines and to provide a written copy to their photographer and videographer.

    Please consult the Church Wedding Coordinator for a copy of the specific guidelines.

  • Printed Wedding Programs

    You are responsible for printing programs if you wish to have them. To guide you in correctly preparing your program you may request sample programs from the Church Wedding Coordinator. A proof copy must be submitted to a UCC staff organist and the Church Wedding Coordinator for approval before printing to ensure that spelling and titles are accurately printed.

    Download our checklist to help make your wedding planning easier.