Next Steps to learn more about UCC

Next Steps to learn more about UCC

Your Journey begins with
UCC & You

Maybe you’re brand-new to UCC. Or perhaps you’ve attended a service here for years and are looking to take the next step. Either way,
UCC & You is a can’t-miss, in-person seminar designed to answer your questions, share our vision, and help you plug in.

It’s where you’ll learn about about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), our history, our core values , and how you can find the one ministry (or five) that you’re really passionate about. The next UCC & You event is scheduled for June 17th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in Room 150. For registration and further details, please click the button below.
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How to become a member?


The Discipleship Path

The role of the church, ultimately, is not to have the best programs and exciting events. The role of the church is to create disciples who are growing in their faith. At UCC, we believe the discipleship path involves 5 different steps. Everything that we do is to help you grow and mature as a Christian.

  1. Worship regularly – we believe worship is a vital discipline to helping us maintain a healthy relationship with Christ.  Faithful followers worship faithfully, making worship their highest priority—when you are in town, you are in church. And when you aren’t in town you join us online, or find a place to worship with other people of faith.
  2. Pray – disciples will spend time every day in prayer for the church and the church family. Because a regular and disciplined prayer life is absolutely necessary for us to stay in proper alignment with God.
  3. Study – faithful disciples are life-long learners fueled by curiosity. They will find ways/groups to grow, study, learn in community. Faithful disciples continue to go deeper into what it means to be a person of faith.   
  4. Serve – we believe God has equipped each of us with skills and talents. Growing disciples serve the church with their time and talents, serving God in a hands-on capacity, engaged in ministry.  They believe that the question will not be IF I should serve in the church, but HOW BEST can I in serve the church?  They recognize that service to others is service to God.
  5. Give – Disciples commit to grow spiritually through practices like worship and prayer — and giving is one of those practices. Sharing financial resources helps support the mission and ministry of the church, and helps disciples grow in generosity. The path begins with giving a specified amount, and working toward the biblical goal of tithing (giving 10% of income).

Sunday School

We have Sunday School for every age at 10:00am. Children and youth meet in age-appropriate groups, and adults can choose from a wide variety of topics.

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In The Church

In The Community

And Beyond


Help heal the world! We lend a hand in our public schools, at homeless shelters, by feeding the hungry, through education programs, and more.

To learn more about our outreach opportunities and ministry partners visit the Outreach Ministry page or send an email to Rev. Rev. Allen Lutes, our Minister of Outreach.

Outreach Opportunities Email Rev. Allen Lutes


Membership at UCC means choosing to belong—to our church family and the body of Christ. We extend our invitation to all who trust in God’s redeeming, transforming love that is revealed in Jesus the Christ. Members willingly commit to following in the ways of discipleship: loving those whom he loves, serving those who serves with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

Ready to become a member?

The first step is to complete and submit this membership form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Not quite ready to join? Don’t worry! There’s no pressure.

Still have questions?

Contact Lee Nelson for more information on membership at UCC or join us for a UCC & You membership seminar

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