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Academy 4 Friday

Alice Contreras Elementary School
Mentor a 4th Grader at Alice Contreras Elementary School

We need your help! Academy 4 takes place one Friday afternoon a month during the school year. All fourth-grade students, mentors, and volunteers gather on the school campus during, on the same afternoon, for a fun-filled time of leadership training and relationship building. We need 132 individuals to make this 9-month commitment for the 2022-2023 school year. All it takes is 90 minutes, once a month. Mentors will be provided day of, onsite training, easy to follow curriculum and fun activities to do with your 4th grader.

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To learn more about the impact of Academy 4, check out this brief video:

Tentative 2022-23 Academy 4 Dates:

Sept. 16      Get to Know October 14  Listen November 4  Encourage December 2  Attitude January 13  Develop
February 10  Example March 3  Respect April 21  Serve May 12  Celebrate!  

Beyond serving as a mentor, there are many opportunities to help with this ministry:

Substitute Mentor: Serve in this role when the assigned mentor must be absent.
Session Preparation: There are two kinds of session prep; prep for club meetings and/or mentoring sessions or volunteer at the Academy 4 office organizing supplies for each school.
Lunch Supervision: Because we will be using the cafeteria when other classes normally have lunch, we need an adult in each classroom while students eat lunch.
Spark Club Leaders & Helpers: Spark club leaders will lead an extracurricular club meeting prior to our mentoring session. We also need club helpers to assist the leaders.
Set-Up & Take Down Crew: Take supplies in and out of storage and set them up for clubs and mentoring.
Leaders 5: Leaders 5 is a program where fifth graders mentor first graders (October – May). This program will be scheduled on one Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday each month. We need to have a reliable group of about 8-11 adults.
3rd grade Pen-Pal Program: Exchange notes to 3rd graders- our soon to be 4th grade mentees!
2nd grade Guest Reader: Serve as a regular reader for a classroom of 2nd grade students. This helps ALL grades feel like part of the Academy 4 family!

Our Site Coordinator from UCC is Kay Higgins.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email her at [email protected].