About Amberley ...

Amberley aspires to be a creative problem solver in all situations. Although she's an 'artistic type', she never passes up an opportunity to learn a new technical skill. She has been a professional artist and graphic designer since 2004. She worked for UCC as a work-study student while studying at TCU, and was hired as a professional soon after graduation.

In May of 2010, Amberley earned her B.A. in Digital Media from Texas Christian Univeristy, and two weeks later married her best friend. Together, they are raising three beautiful shelter dogs together in west Fort Worth.

Amberley was hired as the part-time Web & Social media coordinator for UCC in October of 2011 and has overseen the development, graphic design, media and content migration to UCC's new website, launched in November of 2012.

Amberley also works part time for the City of Weatherford, as the the technology coordinator on the grant-funded PEACH project hosted by the Weatherford library, which preserves, restores, and digitizes local history artifacts and documents for online publication to expand public access to cultural history.

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